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[Last Modified August 10, 2013]


Here is a list of resources that I use for various projects within MMF2; some free, some not. If you know of a better/more useful program, I encourage you to suggest the program by clicking "Suggest Program" below

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Visit Dropbox

Dropbox is a free service that allows for file hosting and file sharing. Dropbox initally gives you 5GB of space storage, but this can be increased through purchasing of additional space, or by participating in official Dropbox activities. I have earned 50+ GB of data (all free) until July of 2014.

I use Dropbox for storage, quick file sharing, and a backup cloud. Dropbox is highly recommended if you are not using a file storage service already and/or want one which has a Windows/Mac/Linux app.


Visit Evernote

Evernote is multi-platform web application which allows you to take notes and sort them. Evernote comes with a multitude of different web applications such as the image annotation software "Skitch" and "Evernote Clearly" which provides a better reading experience on the internet.

If Evernote is used with enough persistence and reasonably, it can become an excellent way to store various notes, to-do lists, web clippings, and pictures.

Visit Inkscape

Inkscape is a completely free image editor. One of Inkscape's biggest feature is that Inkscape can work with vectors. (When resized/rescaled vectors do not lose any quality). Inkscape has TONS of features.

Personally, I used to use Inkscape primarily for its image effects and quick text exportation. Although my grasp of Inkscape is not fully complete, I still get a huge amount of my image editing successfully done in Inkscape. I've since moved on to Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 10
Visit Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is the mini version of the full Adobe Photoshop software.

I've moved to this software from Inkscape. With all of its additional features and better GUI, I feel as the artist within has grown and continues to grow each time I use this software.

Visit Screensteps

ScreenSteps is a "software documentation" software made by Blue Mango and available for Windows and Mac.

In my opinion, this piece of software is extremely fleshed out. Basically you take snapshots of what you are wanting to document and simply add text describing the picture. Do this a couple times in a sequential manner and boom you have yourself a tutorial document.

Visit Screenleap

Screenleap is a free screen sharing program. What makes this different from TeamView and/or Join.me is that screenleap is purely web-based. The shower simply visits screenleap makes opens a session (you do not need to register to become a member). The shower is then given a url to which links anyone whom clicks it to the screencast.

Useful for quickly showing someone a bug/how to do something/etc. The program allows easy access via Google Sign-In. Recently, free users are allowed two hours of streaming daily.

Visit ShareX

ShareX is a feature-rich screenshot program. The program allows you to easily take screenshots of your computer with hotkeys while performing automated tasks such as upload to a file hosting services.

I personally use ShareX for all of images and videos on Xable Enterprises. The program is extremely minimal resource wise and yet still performs tedious tasks such as file uploads or batch image effects efficiently. The program is updated frequently so sudden bugs are removed quickly. I recommend this program if you find yourself taking numerous screenshots.

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